We are a small, family owned business and that means we're also your neighbor! Experience our friendly staff and clean environment. 

We offer the best tanning in Whitefish. Relaxing tanning booths, spray tan, rejuvenating Red Light Therapy, as well as esthetician services like waxing and eyelash extensions.

Home made moisturizing soaps are on sale! All natural with no dyes, perfumes or  unpleasant additives.

 The Best Tanning Salon in Whitefish

This is our mascot Jabba! He loves basking in warm light, and needs it to get his vitamins and stay healthy.

Club Bed Resort

Hand made jewelry, chain mail style. Multiple unique patterns for men and women in stainless steel and other durable metals.

Heliotherapy: Sun beds are for more than just a glowing tan, light is important in regulating our bodies functions and preventing diseases of darkness.

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