The Best Tanning Salon in Whitefish

Club Bed Tanning Salon in Whitefish is the only salon that offers Spray Tanning, and UV Tanning in the Fish! We also care about the people we live with and provide services for, and therefore want to provide you with a positive experience that leaves you warm and smiling.

We give more than other Tanning Bed Salons that give you just brown skin. We're here to provide you with the multitude of benefits as well. Come try us out and you will know what I am talking about.

Esthetician Services

Waxing and Eyelash extensions done by a professional that makes the process fast, comfortable and affordable. 

Call Club Bed for pricing or Karli to make an appointment and look as beautiful as you feel!

Karli- 260-1655

About Our Shop

What We Offer

Super Tan- A fast, hot 10 minute stand up or large lay down with shielded lamps that are great for those who are more sensitive along with high pressure facial lamps perfectly suited for your face.

Ultraviolet Tanning
 The 80's Tanning Bed Salons are long behind us. These days the technology behind an indoor tan means lamps that give better results in less time with minimal chance of overexposure. This light is also your best source of vitamin D! 

 Air Brush Spray Tanning
 The best Spray Tan you can get! Airbrush style (Hand Sprayed), superior solution, zero orange, 100% natural looking. Mobile too, can come to you and your party!

Red Light Therapy
 Now offering more than Just Spray Tanning, and UV Tanning! Red Light gives positive benefits for anyone and everyone. This light promotes the growth of healthy skin cells, increases circulation, reverses skin damage and even reduces inflammation! A must have.


Esthetician Services
 Waxing and Eyelash extensions done here. Oh so convenient when preparing for a holiday or wedding. 

Power Tower- A brand spankin' new stand up with incredible results in only 8 minutes. Superior technology means a long lasting tan guaranteed to trump any high pressure bed. This will be your new favorite!

Red Light Therapy

Skin rejuvenation for your whole body in this relaxing 15 min bed. These lamps are 633nm so penetrate deep beneath your skins surface to have multiple benefits not only for your skin but your muscles and joints as well.

Spray Tan

Airbrush Spray Tanning by a trained professional will allow you to have the most natural looking tan no matter your skin color or type. We match your skin type with the proper solution and technique to make you look flawless. No orange guaranteed!

Base Tan beds- These relaxing, 15 minute lay down beds have a great balance of light and are most recommended for those wanting to boost their Vitamin D levels or maintain a fresh spring glow all year.

Ultra Violet Light


Power Tower; 

                     Monthly Unlimited EFT 64.99

                   One monthly unlimited 107.00

                    12 Sessions                144.00

                    6 Sessions                    84.00

                    1 Session                      16.00


Super Beds;

                     Monthly Unlimited EFT 49.99

                     One monthly unlimited 87.00

                    12 Sessions                108.00

                      6 Sessions                  66.00

                     1 Session                     13.00

Economy Beds:

                     Monthly Unlimited EFT 34.99

                     One monthly unlimited 67.00

                     12 Sessions                 72.00

                     6 Sessions                   48.00

                     1 Session                     10.00

Red Light Therapy:

                     Monthly Unlimited EFT 44.99

                     One monthly unlimited 77.00

                     12 Sessions                 84.00

                     6 Sessions                   54.00

                     1 Session                     11.00


Club Bed Resort

Spray Tan builder:

STEP 1-  Deposit, including;

- disposable items for your comfort

    -thong, hairnet, nose filters, etc.

- barrier cream for your nails

- pre PH balancing spray        

          - in house                      $10

​          - mobile              $30 first one

                                    $10 add one

STEP 2-Solution

- Original                                  $25

​- Venetian                                $30

- Premium Natural                   $35

​- Double Dark                          $40

     Packages available upon request