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What does Red Light Therapy do?

      Red Light Therapy is a certain wavelength of light, in the range of 620nm to near infrared of 700nm. It is easily created with lamps similar to those that are used in tanning beds except these lamps emit red light only. 

      Red light will not give you a tan or vitamin D but can be used effectively in conjunction with UV light.

      Red light has also been compared to a low intensity laser treatment in how it penetrates the skin, yet unlike lasers, it does not cause damaging inflammation that in turn activates healing. Therefore it is a safer alternative to costly laser treatments, and with added benefits. 

     As far as we know, Red light does not have any harmful effects and is even safe for your eyes. Because of it's restorative effects on the human skin cell and tissues, Red light has been used effectively on many conditions that plague most everyone.

     Besides the main benefits listed to the right, you may also experience; increased energy levels, faster cell growth (healing), boosted lymphatic/immune system, increased circulation, improved collagen and elastin production, decreased inflammation in skin, muscles and joints, protection from free radical damage, brighter mood, and may even help to balance your inner clock and help you get a better nights sleep! 

     There really is no reason for you to not try Red light, since there are so many potential benefits. You know that feeling you get after a relaxing massage? This can be a lot like that for you, but like adding a mini facial and a detox drink as well.

What is Red Light Therapy?

      Red light may not give you immediate results, especially for more stubborn symptoms, therefore regular sessions are recommended to obtain optimal results, at least 3 times a week for your first month. After that you should notice definite improvement and one session a week should maintain your results.

    Red light is followed up well with a tanning session since the Red light session stimulates the skins responsiveness to the UV light, meaning melanin production is faster and more productive, also evening out skin tone so melanin is not more concentrated in certain areas of your skin (not blotchy) and a higher quality tan is achieved. Besides the added bonus of the potential of increased vitamin D production.

     Our Red bed is a 15 minute session of warm, relaxing light in the form of a tanning bed so it is easy to use and reaches any and all parts of your body. 

​How should I use Red Light Therapy?

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